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Elsa Benitez sunbathing nude at the pool (August, 2008) August 25, 2008

Posted by allcelebpics in candids.

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1. yikemcgee - August 25, 2008

Um whoa!

2. WHOLETRUTHY - September 9, 2008


3. Rebecca - September 11, 2008

Wow, it is really a shame that a woman any woman cannot go out and sunbath. I am fine with the topless shoots but the ones of her vagina. Come on, really everyone deserves some privacy.

4. Similiar Miami backyard - September 21, 2008

She is smoking hot, but I must agree the sanctuary and expected privacy of your own home shouldnot be breeched. She has an exceptional expectation to privacy and it was violated

5. Justin - September 22, 2008

Yeah she is a hotty but you should be able to have the privacy you want in your own home inside or outside. So she did the right thing in fileing a suit because as she said who ever took these photos had to be on her property without her consent. She should be the one if she wants to show the world her goods not some photographer who is sneaking around on her property. Which just goes to show the people we have in this world.

6. fist turks.. - October 23, 2008

wery nice..

7. jhn - November 16, 2008


8. Alex - November 17, 2008

lovely bathing

9. Serg - June 15, 2009

Mexican Models Are Fine Along Side are Italians.

10. manuel - August 13, 2009


11. Laura - November 6, 2009

I agree she is a beautiful woman but grief, I feel sorry for her I know she doesn’t want this out. She is a fashion and swimsuit supermodel, not an exhibitionist or porn star. I hope she is able to have these taken down and private for her and her hubbies eyes only.

12. affipseri - June 10, 2010

test only

13. philip - October 11, 2010

eny 1 want a shag

14. i love lesbians and tits show me a pick plzz - October 13, 2010


15. Eva Mendes - February 17, 2011

cool site, I realy like Eva Mendes

16. Thou - March 13, 2011

She is hot

17. nihar007 - July 15, 2011

Shame;the photographer is a bravo,but couldn’t get her clit pic.I’m wondering whether it’s rotten or still pink.You know models have to suck many dicks(CASTING COUCH).

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