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Tila Tequila (shows cleavage) has a chat over coffee at Starbucks in Los Angeles (January 19, 2009) January 20, 2009

Posted by allcelebpics in candids.


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1. sienna bercume - January 30, 2009

i know you are a fan based in my life there has not been a time were i dont think about you tila. i would really like to meet you. so you could see how are world lives. i have heard of you of many heart breack. if you would like any one to talk to plese call me. i could tell you funny and loveably stories .

i know you think your a super star
love is better than drungs.

2. sophie - January 31, 2009


3. sophie - January 31, 2009

how are you

4. eat your pussy i swear you moan - February 23, 2009

shut yo bitch ass mouth

5. neal - April 29, 2009

nice eyes plz add me nealsmens@hotmail.com your so hot as always

6. andy - October 23, 2009

Tila is so fit! Enough Said

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